Location Western Madhya Pradesh, 70kms from Indore city
STD Code 0734
Main Attractions Mahakaleshwar Jyotirlinga Temple, Sandipani Ashram, Temples & Ghats
Sightseeing Duration 01 Full Day
Accommodation MPSTDC Hotels, Private hotels & Dharamshala
Next destinations Omkareshwar, Maheshwar, Mandu, Indore, Bhopal, Sanchi, Udaipur
Ujjain Tourism Ujjain Temples Ujjain Sightseeing

Ujjain is a very sacred city for Hindus on eastern bank of river Kshipra which is tributary of Chambal river. City has large number of temples which can't be visited in one full day. The eternal city Ujjain is often referred as Ujjayini, Avantika, Pratikalpa, Kanakasrnga, Kumudvati, Amaravati, Shivapuri, Chudamani etc. Simple meaning of Ujjayini means to conquer with love. It has been narrated as the naval center (Manipura Lotus) of cultural identity of Indian nation. Ujjain is about 70kms north to Indore city and western region of Madhya Pradesh state. Ujjain hosts Simhasth Kumbh mela, which comes once in every 12 years. It is one of the saptapuris which means one of the seven holy cities of India that grant moksha or liberation from cycle of birth & death. It was an important city in the Kingdom ruled by Ashoka's Father, when it was known as Avanti. Later it was so attractive to Chandragupta II [380-414 AD], one of the Gupta kings, that for long period he ruled from here rather than his actual capital, Patliputra. His court supported the 'nine gems' of Hindu literature including the important poet Kalidas. During Mughal era, it was used as resting abode by Emperor Akbar, Jahangir & Shahjahan.



Indore city is very well linked by road, train & flights with other important cities of India.
Train connectivity: Ujjain town has direct train connection. City has its own railway station named "Ujjain Junction(Railway code: UJN)" which has direct trains from destinations like Bhopal, Katni, Jabalpur, Pipariya, Indore, Ahmedabad, Somnath, Vadodara, Nagpur, Mumbai, Pune, Jhansi, Lucknow, Ayodhya, Varanasi, Gaya, Kolkata, Jaipur, Agra, New Delhi, Jammu, Bangalore etc.
Flight connectivity: Nearest airport from ujjain is in Indore (75kms) and Bhopal (200kms) city. Flight access to Indore is served by Devi Ahilyabai Holkar Airport (IATA code: IDR) which has direct flight connectivity with cities like Delhi, Mumbai, Ahmedabad, Nagpur, Pune, Hyderabad, Bhopal, Raipur.
Road connectivity: Ujjain is just 70kms in north of Indore and 200kms west of Bhopal city. It is well connected by road from Indore and Bhopal cities. You can travel by public carrier bus service available from Indore and Bhopal bus stands. Their is regular taxi service from our Indore car rental and Bhopal car rental offices.

Ujjain is counted among oldest living cities of world. It was a excellent study & research center. Here Rishi Sandipini ashram (hermit) was the place where Lord Krishna, Balrama and Sudama studied. During that time Ujjain was capital of Avanti kingdom. It was a popular center of mathematics, astronomy and sanskrit studies. Many well known mathematicians and sanskrit scholars worked here. As per legends, Sati's elbow fell in Indore and its location is at Harsiddhi temple. According to the International Dicrionary of Historic Places: Asia & Oceania, the historic period of region began since 600 BC. As per historical and literary records, Ujjain was capital of Avanti, located in western Malwa region. During that time it was popularly known as Avantipura. In the 3rd century BC, Ashoka took over charge as a viceroy of Ujjain. The successor to Ashoka’s Mauryan Empire were the Sakas. They had invaded India from the north & were of Scythian-Parthian-Iranian origin. When they absorbed local customs so rapidly that, apart from introducing the cult of Sun worship, they gave a major boost to traditional astronomical studies. According to Huein Tsang, who visited India in 7th century AD, describes about Ujjain as place with number of Buddhist monasteries. In 57 BC., Vikramaditya drove out Sakas from this region. When Akbar, the greatest of the Great Mughals came here, he assessed its inherent strengths & set up his silver mint in Ujjain. The Mughal Empire then began to crumble, burdened by age, weakness & attacks by ambitious rivals. A vacuum was building up in Ujjain & it was soon filled by the strong Maratha general, Ranoji Scindia, who made this his capital in 1735. During the reign of the Scindias, an official of the dynasty Ramachandra Baba Shenvi had the Mahakal Temple rebuilt on the site of the old one.

Ujjain is a pilgrimage destination so temples are the main tourist attractions. Here large number of temples are present which can't be counted in fingers. Among them Mahakaleshwar Temple is the most popular tourist attraction as it is the Jyotirlinga temple. In addition to this, we can visit other important temples like Harsiddhi temple, Bada Ganapati temple, Chaubees Khamba, Bhartrihari Caves, Sandipani Ashram, Gopal temple, Kal Bhairav Temple, Ram Ghat, Iskcon temple etc.

Ujjain temples and town is open for visitors, throughout the year so anybody can visit in anytime of the year but during festival season, crowd of devotees and temples decoration are the major tourist attraction. Here time from August to May is good to witness Ujjain in festival time. During Shivratri festival, Ujjain remain fully packed with tourist.

Ujjain is a small pilgrimage town. If you are looking for budget accommodation, you can select any established dharamshala, guest houses or budget hotels. For better facilities you may select Madhya Pradesh State Tourism Department hotels: Shipra Residency and Hotel Avantika. In addition to this, many budget category hotels are their. If you are looking for luxury hotel of 4-Star or 5-Star category, then instead of staying at Ujjain, stay in Indore hotels and from their do Ujjain visit as excursion tour as distance is small and manageable.

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